The NAPIER AthenÆum

The NAPIER AthenÆum is named for the AthenÆum: A Journal of Literature, Science and the Fine Arts, published by John Francis of London before, during, and after the reign of William IV, a period in which the world first took sustained notice of New Zealand.

It is similarly named for the AthenÆum, Napier founded, as a Mechanics Institute in 1859  and incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1876, an institution that, from a base in colonial New Zealand, endeavoured to pay sustained attention to the rest of the world.

With due respect to the original editor of the AthenÆum, and in homage to the sailor king William IV, the subject area of Science has been replaced with that of Seafaring. Occasional works on the subject of Science may, however, still appear.

Contributions are by invitation. Those desirous of such an invitation, can send contributions, for kindly consideration, to napierathenaeum@gmail.com.

Editorial Board: John Francis (deceased) and Lady Historian of Napier

Honorary Subject Advisors: English Ceramics Arthur Hayden, English Furniture John Gloag, English Glass, J. Sydney Lewis

Editor: Douglas Lloyd Jenkins

Contents Volume 1. Number 10.

July 2012


SS Wonga Wonga: Reminiscences on a life at sea recounted in 5 Chapters

English Silver Lustreware Teapots of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Opening of the Clifton Suspension Bridge

(as reported in The Atheneum September 10 1836)


Contents Volume 1. Number 9.

February 2012


The Appearances and Disappearances of Joseph Gaut

A recent report of Sea Monsters

Colonial Bride of the Sea 


Contents Volume 1. Number 8.

December 2011


A Stranger to Napier: D. B. Frame & the Clive Memorial 

Alexander Pope: A Dying Christian to his Soul 

Publius Aelius Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus: Animula Vagula Blandula:


Contents Volume 1. Number 7.

November 2011


 W. A. Bowring: The Travails of a True Colonial Artist.

Hubert Vaile.

How to name your Whaleboat.



Contents Volume 1. Number 6.

October 2011


Worth Quotin’ Reporting the Oscar Wilde Trials.

Sailing Instructions for the Port of Napier (1886).

Charles Campbell: Two Portraits.



Contents Volume 1. Number 5.

September 2011


The Long Goodbye: Joseph Severn, Oliver Goldsmith and The Deserted Village.

Robbie Burns, Dunedin.

[an excerpt from] a review of The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith;

The Star of the South and her Fate.


Contents Volume 1. Number 4.

August 2011


Edward Lyndon

A Sea Ballad 

Claude Joseph Vernet 

Origins of the Ale-Yard Glass and their desirability as a component in glass collections


Contents Volume 1. Number 3.

July 2011


What we know about Samuel Begg

Portrait of Thomas Carlyle


(being excerpts from a review of Thomas Carlyle’sThe French Revolution: A History, The Athenaeum No 499. 1837)

The great 12-inch guns and brave gunner boys of the seagoing battleship Iowa


Contents Volume 1. Number 2.

June 2011


Considering the Library at Kawau

On the death of Sir John Soane

The development of the balloon-back chair (1830-1850)

The fallen angel at the Mock Election (1827)


Contents Volume 1. Number 1.

May 2011


Mr. John Perrett in Napier 

A Portrait of Sydney Parkinson


Some Thoughts on John Gibson’s Narcissus (1829)

Construction of Brunel’s Great Eastern 



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